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Saturday, January 23, 2010


As I've been up for over 36 hours now, I figured I better post this before my head hits the pillows for a long, winter's nap! I know you're waiting for the updates....

Got in line at 4:45 a.m. - my number was 31! Not too shabby! Lots of friendly, talented, ambitious peeps in line. The cute kids, too numerous to mention. My buddy, Patty from L.V. was gonna do ol' blue eyes. He reminded me of Angus from 2 and a half! I just wanted to squeeze his chubby little cheeks and told him so! My new friend, Debbie & I hung out most of the trip, when we could manage to stay together! There was lots of hootin and hollerin and adorable signs rooting on sibs. Moms and dads hovered with pride, and us old folks scrambled to keep up with the young uns.

Lots of combos and instumentalists. Saw the neatest little uke shaped like a tiny guitar! Weird acts? Not too many, as far as I could see. Lots of jittery little dance groups in cute little clothes, with HUGE entourages of their own already. And all of us reaching for that brass ring!

The process was timely and pretty well organized, considering the crowd. The moved us along efficiently from station to station, with the most time spent outdoors doing crowd shouts and acting like fools! The enthusiasm was high and the crowd rightfully raucous. Then it was back upstairs for that precious 90 SECONDS.

They divided us into talent groups, singers here, combos there, etc. and then again into groups of ten. Each group was walked individually down a short hall to wait outside THE ROOM! As one group of ten exited, the next one entered. We stood against the back wall, eying the judges, awaiting our turns. I heard angels sing and young voices with promise, AND THEN THEY CALLED MY NAME!

Well, actually, they LOOKED at my name, then in the 50 years of hestitant pause that I'm used to, I figured it was MY TURN! You see, my real name is CHESTERINA and since it's so unique, no one is ever sure how to pronounce it! And then it was SHOWTIME!

I promised NOT to stand on the mark (I have to move when I perform) and gave it my BEST SHOT. My voice quavered just a little in refrain two when I realized where I was REALLY standing! Not on some 'X' taped to the floor BUT AT THE BIGGEST CROSSROADS OF MY LIFE! The realization became a little overwhelming at that moment! But I carried on like the 40 year trooper I've become in that quest!

I thanked the judges, chucked them one of my song compilation cd's (accapella for copyright purposes only) asked about restrictions on the blog AND THEN I WAS OUT OF THERE!

I breathed a huge one as I gathered my goodies and called the kids to come pick me up! IT WAS OVER.

AND I THINK I NAILED IT! But you be the judges! Check me out @ You're looking for:


We get the word first week of March as to who was picked to proceed on to the gleaning in Las Vegas!


Friday, January 22, 2010


WOW!!!! THE greatest concert I have ever seen for FREE! Just remember, folks, that NOTHING in this life is FREE, and at this time the Haitian people are paying a most terrible cost through no fault of their own! SO DIG DEEP and DIG OFTEN, into both your wallets and your hearts AND DONATE YOUR CASH!!!!

Well, knock me over with a feather, I should have worn TWO pairs of sunglasses! EVERYBODY WHOSE ANYBODY showed up at this show, and I, personally, enjoyed every single minute! GREAT JOB!

As most are parents themselves, the poignant stories of suffering by innocent children was evidenced in the moist eyes of the musicians. They gave it their all - from heart and soul - and you could hear it in their pain-filled renditons.

Way to work those phones, Reese, Julia, Steven, etc., etc.. I'm sure talking to you thrilled everyone to their toes! You took the time to give everybody a few moments of your time AND a lifetime of stories! And those breaking voices were no acting jobs. Just fellow parents whose hearts were aching and breaking right with the caller's.

DOUBLE WOW, on this one, kids! Hwood's BIGGEST heavyweights were HOT and had heavy hearts, too!
What parent can watch the children suffering and NOT THINK OF THEIR OWN? It's good to know our golden guys & gals appreciate their privilege and pain for the poor. Halle, Ben, Brad, etal.., you make me proud to live in Hollywood!

My pets were privy to many rounds of applause, salutes and standing o's at my house tonight! I'm mentioning just a few that gave me chills and thrills!

JENNIFER HUDSON - you gave me chills, gfriend! What a voice! A gift from the Big G, reaching through personal tragedy to touch the lives of the lost.

KID, SHERYL & KEITH - how long did you rehearse that? You sounded like a choir of angels! Let's hope the Big G heard you! I think he did.

Taylor, Madonna, Stevie, & co. - you all knocked my socks off by putting your ALL into the noblest of causes. As a 'wannabe' who would ask to humbly stand in your company, YOU DID ME and the Nation PROUD!


P.S. Now it's off to dye the old roots, s,s&s and get plenty of rest for the big audi tomorrow!
Next we talk, I'll have the dish!

HOPE for HAITI NOW Telethon

Just a reminder, folks, the big blowout bash airs tonight! If it's date night, set your DVR's! You don't want to miss this one! And don't forget why the ballers are bangin' AND DONATE!
Trash talk is at the bottom of the can today, where it belongs!


DR. SANJAY GUPTA: I often wonder, when I see the docs on TV, if their only REAL talent is being handsome! NOT SO! Here's a Haiti shout out to Sanjay! Keep up the good work. Defying the aftershocks and worsening conditions, Dr. G is performing tiny miracles in hell.

ADAM LAMBERT: Nice PSA, baby! My FAV Idol runner-up took time out of his busy schedule to give back. There are plenty of places to donate your cash! If you have a fav celeb, feel free to help them help Haiti!

HAITIAN GOV: Yeah! You are relocating 400,000 from the squalid, tremoring streets of Port-Au-Prince and moving them to safety! Sometimes, the Big G DOES listen to my prayers! Thanks!

HOPE FOR HAITI NOW cast of players: We LOVE knocking your foibles and excess. But when push comes to shove, SHOW BIZ always pulls through! We love knowing your hearts are made of pure gold EVEN THOUGH the grills are blinding us!

POTENTIAL DONORS: Here's a hug from the Big G! If you haven't had the time yet, please do so this weekend! The road ahead is long and arduous and the cost will be steep. We need to stay the course and offer these brave people a NEW and BETTER tomorrow! THANK YOU

CONAN gets $45M for NOT working! Take me away, too, Conan!
BANK bailout bubble bursts!
SCOTT BROWN - open mouth, insert foot! Thanks for the early tip-off!
STATE of MICH - Who the hell is the guy that runs Trijicon? PAT?

P.S. Wish me luck for my AGT audition tomorrow! Full report from the audition line on Sunday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


OKAY - Here's today's trash talk so we can get to the important stuff!
NOBODY blames Conan!
EVERYBODY blames Martha!
EVERYONE should give The Prez a chance, it's only been a year, peeps, and D.C. was a BIG mess!
WHAT happened to Barbie Heidi's face?
WE ALL KNOW Kara can't really sing!


KUDOS to all the rescuers who are still pulling children and old women out of the rubble ALIVE! The human will to live is truly remarkable! Keep at it and godspeed!

ATTA BOY #2, DAVE ONO for pointing out that the surviving structures are extremely unsafe, yet people are still using them! After today's 6.1 aftershock, I would hope that the reigning authority at this time will make providing adequate housing a NUMBER ONE PRIORITY before yet more Haitians are injured or killed.

MAZEL TOV, ISRAELI FIELD HOSPITAL, for your swift response and continous efforts in providing that much needed medical attention. Infection, gangrene, amputations and complications will keep you quite busy. WE WILL try our hardest to keep those supplies coming, I HOPE!

HERE'S A REDBULL for all the peeps, military and civilian doing their damnest to distribute that food & water! Do me a favor, please, and after you're home and well rested, let Washington know how we can DO IT BETTER NEXT TIME, Thanks!

PRAYERS to the PEOPLE OF HAITI. I know we're slow and unorganized, but our hearts are in the right place. The burgeoning outpouring of volunteers, supplies and cash have shown that the American people CAN rise to any occasion. AND I'M VERY PROUD OF THAT!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I read a wonderful oped piece in the L.A. Times the other day by columnist grodriguez. As much as I try to stay true to my childhood values and HONEST with myself about how well I'm doing in that endeavour, his article gave me pause.
And he was sooo totally right in the point he was making! Here we are, giving fools airtime, while angels wither. THE MEDIA'S only headlines this week should be about Haiti and what the world is doing to rise to the occasion. THIS country and it's people really need to realign their PRIORITIES and PREFERENCES!
I know that Martha's camp really dropped the ball, Google is duking it out with China, we lost a couple of very respected authors, Kim MIGHT marry Reggie and we never run out of spectacle to cover. But the REAL spectacle at this moment is the suffering and rescue efforts in that shattered island nation.
So, I'm going to try to follow in gr's footsteps and START A NEW ERA IN WEB REPORTING CALLED RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM! I know I can't take credit for the concept, but I can help carve the definition!
ALL THIS WEEK I will be giving shout outs, atta girls and kudos to all the brave, compassionate souls who have taken it upon themselves to help in any way they can! If you see someone's story here that moves YOU to help in some way, ALL THE BETTER! Please feel free to take it upon yourselves to give aid and comfort while there's still time!

MY MAN, GEORGE! Besides being suave, handsome and deboner - you have a heart of GOLD! What a guy! Please watch the telethon Friday night, it's a humdinger! More big names and bling then you can shake your booty at! Bring the sunglasses and check out their website!

JAKE WOOD: This handsome, handy, ex-military Californian has taken it upon himself to assemble a team of his buddies, get themselves and supplies to the D.R., cross the border to Haiti and START PERFORMING MUCH NEEDED MEDICAL PROCEDURES IN THE STREETS! Way to go, baby! The true American spirit on display!

JENNIFER ASHTON: My favorite resident CBS doc, has gone to Haiti and provided whatever medical assistance her training and conditions allow WHILE STILL REPORTING THE NEWS! With a mother's tears in her eyes evident at every broadcast. Hats off to you, Lady J! For abandoning your OWN loved ones to offer comfort to those not born with those 'silver spoons'!

DAVID ONO: By threat of daughterly harm, I am restricted to and LOVE watching CBS. However, I have surfed the news in this last week hungry for facts. Hence, I have watched several ABC news broadcasts (my fav in Chitown) and happened upon reporter David Ono. Again, a member of the press has risen valiantly to the occasion and DONE ANYTHING HE COULD TO HELP while still airing poignant segments on the goings on. WALTER WOULD BE PROUD!

And finally,
PITTSBURGH, PA: Those orphans are safe and being taken care of now, many already in new homes! Here's hoping the rest are touched quickly by the incredible compassion of the peeps of PA and their gov! ***TWO HANKIE AWARD

Keep up the good work, kids! America's rooting for you and YOU ARE DOING HER PROUD!

Monday, January 18, 2010

RUSH: You Remind Me of My Sister!

Having spent much of my developmental years in the Land of Naivete (that place right off deNile),I have spent the remaining time studying human behavior and how it affects my everyday life. Nothing on this earth is done WITHOUT some kind of ulterior motivation, I don't care how altruistic you are or WANT TO APPEAR.
That there is a changing of the guard imminent and a major shift in who controls power in this country is now becoming subtly apparent to me. Just not apparent to the parties involved, in my opinion!
Which is what brings us to RUSH judgement! Rush, what up whit dat, bro? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? First, it's PAT and his failure to properly medicate and now you're spouting off about photo ops at disasters? IF you want some insight on that, talk to the Russians and Chinese, brother!
Rush is another one of those guys I left to the Big G a long time ago! When you start spouting venom to gain credibility and free ink, THAT"S WHEN I GO DEAF! Anyone with that many issues has more problems than TEN therapists could fix! What could I possibly do?
I'll tell you what. I'M GONNA TELL YOU LIKE IT IS RUSH, because I've lived with it all my life and know it like the back of my own hand! DON'T PROJECT YOUR AMBITIONS and SHORTCOMINGS ONTO A PERSON MORALLY SUPERIOR JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE JEALOUS AND WILL NEVER BE HIM!
If the Big G really wanted to wreak some vengeance and DO US ALL A FAVOR, he'd shake Rush's butt back to the rock he crawled out from under! ARE WE SICK OF ALL THE OPPORTUNISTS YET? Rush, your ass should be down in Haiti helping these poor people instead of stepping on their broken backs for your own 'glory'!
Yet again, I'll ask, IS ANYBODY REALLY STILL LISTENING, RUSH? I know I'm not! You're lucky The Prez even dignified your hate with ANY reaction! And the only reason you get any airtime is because your Republican buddies bought up the press during the Bush years! Bet you & Bill can't get a word in edgewise during brunch! Good thing, too - he's probably the only one who cares!
So, pack up your old kit bag there, Rush and hit the road to Haiti and DO something good for a change! 'Cuz just between you & me & the Big G: HE KNOWS WHAT YOU"RE UP TO!

Friday, January 15, 2010

REAL Help for Haiti

As the video rolls of the destruction in Haiti and the heartbreaking pictures flash across the screen, we,the public, sit glued to our screens, wondering what we can possibly do to help. GIVE MONEY TO THE RED CROSS would be my best advice. THEY ARE the standard when it comes to giving aid to people in the greatest need. Even $1 will help.
Though I find it hard to find fault with any relief effort headed that way in this desperate time, it's my job to point out how things CAN and SHOULD be done better by a nation with the abilities to do so. But I will try to offer some constructive criticism now, and not use this human tragedy to my advantage, as so many are doing. That's another blog - posting Monday.
As evidenced by the poor job our government did in aiding the victims of Hurricane Katrina, I can see why some would find it easy to decry efforts outside our own borders. But two wrongs have never made right and now is NOT the time for self-serving naysayers to get free press.
Now is the time for us all to find the compassion in our hearts and do what we can to help that effort.
That Haiti has been targeted by disaster before has nothing to do with vengeance. It's purely a matter of location, economy and bad government. That anyone is trying to pass judgement and seek personal gain as a condition of aid is deplorable. Getting the suffering Haitians help should be the number one priority now for the GLOBAL community and not just the U.S.A.. It really makes me wonder about someone's character when they try to profit from tragedy. When they choose to ignore it, there's no wonder involved.
I believe that we will learn much in our humanitarian efforts at this moment in Haiti. Unfortunately, I also believe it will be at the expense of the Haitians. It is clear, especially with the destruction of the majority of government services in Port-Au-Prince, that no agency participating in this relief is prepared to give what is needed in a timely manner. My prayer is that they save as many as humanly possible, get much needed medical aid to the wounded and suffering and feed the starving children and families.
Now for the tongue lashing. Our foreign aid systems, as well as our national relief services NEED MAJOR OVERHAULS. HUMANITARIAN AID needs to get an updated and relevant definition. When people are hurting and need our help, it SHOULD NOT be reliant on any of the following:
1. payment or reciprocation
2. government or lack thereof
3. religious, cultural or national beliefs
4. location
5. politics
6. economy

I had to ask my son-in-law this question during our conversation on Haiti the other day: 'Doesn't anybody actually READ that book they keep quoting?'. Or are they reading a different version of the Bible now? I know I'm a lapsed Catholic, but it couldn't have changed that much!
Plagues and disasters, war and suffering ARE NOT the Big G's wrath! It is his test to see where our hearts reside. Let's all pitch in now to help Haiti to show our hearts DO live in Big G's house. The Haitian's need to feel our compassion and humanity at this dreadful time. Before a resilient people totally give up and turn against each other.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

PAT & JAY - Take Your Show on the Road!

OH! If not for religious freaks and celebrities who buy their own ink, what would the mags do for copy? Report REAL news? THAT will never happen, will it? I don't know about you, peeps, but once around the toilet bowl is always enough for me!
This week, we have the pleasure of watching and hearing Pat and Jay fawn and fart all over themselves. The stink is really reeking now, and I'm more than ready to leave the incense behind and turn off the TV! WHO CARES! Is anybody really listening to these two blowhards anymore?
First, I'll address the Pat/voodoo/Big G vengeance thingy? What the hell was that all about? THIS GUY is a respected religious figure? (I wouldn't know, I left Pat to the Big G years ago: Big G, you made 'em, you fix 'em). Why doesn't SOMEONE get this man help? It's been obvious for a long time that Pat has lost touch with reality. Maybe all those angels whispering in his ear have finally made him deaf! If you believe a man who believes PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING TERRIBLY DESERVE IT and therefore DO NOT rate the Big G's compassion and help, label yourselves SATANISTS right now!
Then there's dear old Jay! Darlin', I hate to tell you this, BUT YOU'RE THE NEXT ONE HEADED TO EARLY RETIREMENT! It wasn't good enough for you that your buddies at NBC helped you shiv Dave? Now you're helping to slit Conan's throat! And Jay, one more noodge: YOU'RE NOT AS GOOD OR WELL LIKED AS YOU THINK YOU ARE! As I've said before, believing your own press can be deadly. At least Dave and Conan have the brass ones to stand up for themselves! Your big talents are negotiating fat paychecks for gas guzzlers and backroom deals with the likes of Jeff to screw your buddies! Way to go, man!
So, I recommend the two of you team up and take the act on the road where maybe no one's heard of you two yet. You can call it DEAF and DEAFER!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Respect is earned by the example one sets and the respect given to others. This fine country of ours is woefully lacking in both of these areas. Yet, despite this, there are those among us who would further the hypocrisy by denying the Guantanamo detainees a speedy, civil trial. As Beretta liked to say, 'if you can't do the time, don't do the crime!'. This adage applies equally to BOTH sides of Guantanamo's prison bars.
That the Bush administration and his cronies that survived the carnage would like this whole mess to get swept under the Defense Department rug is still painfully blatant. That the detainees have been at Guantanamo far too long and been treated unconstitutionally, regardless of 9/11, is yet another National disgrace!
PEOPLE! How to we expect anyone to have ANY regard for our Constitution and value systems IF WE DON'T LIVE BY THEM OURSELVES? HUH? And I don't even want to go to the illegal torture, humiliation, degradation and religious disregard suffered by these detainees! President Bush made a statement when he allowed this outrageous behavior at Guantanamo. To me, the pictures said this: 'I have never personally served in the Military, therefore, even though I'm President, I don't CARE that my actions may cause FUTURE U.S. SERVICE PERSONNEL detained as p.o.w.'s to suffer the same fate!
Never mind the Geneva Convention! Or the U.S. Constitution! Or morals! What kind of man allows people wearing the U.S. insignia on their uniforms to perform these heinous acts in the name of justice? I'll let you answer that one for yourselves!
But it is a new day, a new President and hopefully, a new era in the interpretation of the Constitution and what it is supposed to represent to ALL OF HUMANITY, not just us 'citizens'.
If we do not correct the errors made at Guantanamo and resolve this issue as speedily and judiciously as possible, the damage might never be undone! AND YET AGAIN, I have to say: NO MORE CLOSED DOORS! Show the rest of the global community WE can adhere to our own laws and be fair! Otherwise, don't scoff if the rest of the world hocks one big luggie on that sacred piece of paper!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harry: Should He Stay or GO?

The changing of the guard at any institution is usually fraught with missteps and drama. The Democrats, as did the Republicans, have a dilemma to face: How to Get Rid of Harry! In this author's opinion, it is indeed time for Harry to move along.
Change is never, as a rule, accepted well by anyone, especially the good ole boys. Power that has gone to one's head is difficult to relinquish. Believing one's own press can prove deadly. Not knowing when to step aside can prove FATAL. Just take the bullet to the brain, Harry! It will be less painful and easier for us to watch!
For I have always believed it is impossible to hide what is in one's heart. The Freudian slip, the foot in the mouth, the need to hire a public relations expert - ALL stem from one terminal human flaw. The lips will always betray what lies buried beneath. There's ALOT of boats on the bottom of that ocean!
So protest all you like, Harry! Garner as many good graces as The Prez is willing to bestow a doddering, old fool before he soils himself. You're not fooling anyone, at least, you're not fooling ME!
A racist is a racist is a racist. You can try to whitewash it any way you'd like, it still comes up smelling the same: rotten. When you have to qualify an intelligent, patriotic, compassionate Senator by his SKIN TONE and DIALECT, you've hung yourself high either way. A) For making such an insensitive remark for a man in your position. And B) For not doing your homework for a man in your position!
Harry, time and again, you have shown the 'New Wave' Dems the back of your hand. It is now time for us to show YOU the door. Racism, hatred and division are dying dogmas. Take your fleas and leave Harry, before you end up spending your golden years in the doghouse!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Win Forever: Live, Work, and Play Like a Champion
(The above link is for Pete's NEW BOOK out May '10.)

Thankfully, the news that Papa Pete Carroll was leaving his post as coach at USC to return to the NFL to helm the Seattle Seahawks broke mostly over this past weekend. Word is the official announcement will be made at a press conference sometime tomorrow. At any rate, the timing saved this author tons of begging and unsightly groveling. Thanks for that, Papa Pete!
That his departure saddens the core of the USC football fan base goes without saying. Papa Pete brought us many, many years of excitement and victory. We held our heads high and basked in the glory. We packed the Coliseum and travelled to what games we could.
That every good thing comes to an end is inevitable. Nobody that loves and admires Papa Pete can blame him for leaving now and jumping at this golden opportunity. He has enhanced the USC football program, the surrounding USC community and the nation with his shining example. I wish for him now that he not get splashed when the scandals hit the fan, for he doesn't deserve it. It's time for the college recruiting system to clean house. Anyone who has ever gotten close to a university sports program in anyway can tell you that what has happened with Reggie, Damian, etc. is just business as usual. Business behind closed doors, that is.
But if you just happened to have a kid whose apartment was in the same huge on-campus complex as the football players, and said same child also marched in the band during the Carson Palmer years, your eyes got opened real wide, real fast. When you visit for parent's weekend or just because, and the complex parking lot is filled with Lexus and Cadillac SUV's right along side the dilapidated Honda's and Toyota's you don't have to ask too many students before you find out who the 'rich' kids are: the football team.
But don't be misled here. For alot of the players are just struggling students like many of the rest attending USC. My own daughter attended solely because of her intelligence and drive AND the fact that she received a 50% scholarship! Otherwise, it might have been community college for her, too! And Papa Pete is known for his character and record when it comes to recruiting, and wearing blinders as concerns station and privilege.
Just as in politics though, there's lots of behind the scenes wrangling in college sports. It's almost impossible to LIVE and attend school at a university like USC if you're not well off. The cost of living in L.A., books, tuition, labs, dorms, cafeteria, etc., etc., can eat any budget alive unless you're The Donald! I like to point to my daughter's diploma and tell people: 'that little piece of paper only cost me $200K!'.
A coach must have reasonable expectations of functioning within this system and still retain his dignity, if he is a man of morals; the fine line walked everyday depends on the individual coach. Otherwise, the college coaching system would be manned by lots of lamers. I, personally, don't see that in college sports.
So, to the college sports authority: IT'S TIME TO 'FESS UP & FIX! WE don't care if some running back needs a car to get around! I ride the bus in L.A., not much fun! Why shouldn't we help the qb's family if they need it? They have worked just as hard all their lives to produce that fine young student, football player and man. They deserve it! Should they miss the championship game just because like alot of us, they live paycheck to paycheck? That wouldn't be fair, would it? What if that tailback was YOUR kid and YOU were in that boat?
And finally, to Papa Pete: As a happy USC mom of a daughter who marched with pride, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the thrills and the chills! My daughter's college experience was MORE than a dream come true, it was actually a small miracle she was able to attend such a fine institution. A large part of my own enjoyment of these years (and her's) stemmed from the football games and the outstanding job you did as head coach in leading us from triumphant victory to triumphant victory. These are memories I hold very dear and will forever treasure. BEST OF LUCK to you in your third attempt at the NFL, though I feel very strongly you won't need it. Your warmth, wit and character have come shining through in your stint here at dear old USC. I'm sure you'll only shine brighter in Seattle! Who knows, I might even miss you so much, I'll ditch da Bears! FIGHT ON, PETE & thanks!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Joe, It's Time to Retire!

It is always so painful to watch a stellar career implode. As in Tiger's case, Joe Lieberman is now on the verge of taking a lifetime of achievement straight down the crapper! It is never pretty when a respected statesman refuses to acknowledge it is time to step down.
Whether you agreed with Joe's politics or not, there was always an elder statesman respect for Joe out there on the MANY campaign trails he's traveled. But in these last several years, it has been very hard for anyone to discern EXACTLY what Joe's politics are nowadays! Democrat, Independent, maybe I'll turn Republican? Joe - make up your mind, dear! The dividing lines are pretty clearly etched in today's political circles. And lately, though I personally find this hard to believe, you have amassed a BIGGER flip flop collection than my own daughter!
So, as someone who has followed your prodigious walk down the Congressional hallways, I urge you now to step aside and let the youngbloods take over; for your sake, for Connecticut's sake and for the country's sake as well! Quit while there's still an ounce of respect for you out there and before you become the laughing stock of the nation. Today's political atmosphere is charged enough already without you throwing sparks off that walker!
Because pretty soon, Joe, people are going to stop listening. The nation's ear and respect are given to those with innovative ideals and fresh minds. Over and over again, you have shown that your walker is leading you where you think it will do you the most good for another presidential run. REALITY CHECK, Joe, that's not going to happen! Save yourself and your donors the money!
You are setting yourself up for a FALL into retirement. Instead of the lecture circuit and Palm Springs, you're going to be looking at Alzheimer's medication and rest homes! Joe, you've worked too hard all your life to end up with egg on your face and a bib around your neck. Do us all a favor and bow out gracefully. While you still can.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

RNC Chairman Michael Steele, I Salute You!

For being a REAL Republican and, unlike the rest of the Stepford clan you head, admitting that you ARE human, that your party has some affairs to get in order and you're not beyond hawking books! Bravo, for coming out of that huge walk-in you hang those Italian suits in and daring to butt heads with the old guard elephants!
Wellll! Maybe that huge sledgehammer called public sentiment has finally registered with the 'rogues'? Dare we, the public, and the Republican party itself, hope to see a future filled with creative dialogue and advancement instead of filabusters and stalemates? Or is it too soon to send flowers?
Of course, the old ones are trying to shut you up as quickly and quietly as possible. Old habits die hard, so they say. But if I WERE a Republican, you'd get my vote, sir. For finally offering the other side of the conservative coin a reasonable and resonant voice. Welcome back from Cairo, and good luck with that!
I for one, welcome a new form of dialogue with you 'Reddies'. So far, I have done everything in my Democratic power to ruffle your feathers and have heard nary a peep! Maybe now, if you could stop stoning Michael long enough, you can take the time to post some intelligent responses and we can take the gloves off AND GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.
As with everything else, I'm a big advocate of taking POLITICS out of the closet. Shine some light of day on it, and if it can't stand the scrutiny and turns to dust, maybe you can start a new Twilight series! Again, stating the obvious, it's 2010 peeps! When are we going to learn that bad parties like bad politics eventually die a horrible death?
So to all you loyal 'elephants' out there: Stop beating that dead horse before it rises up one last time and kicks you in the teeth!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Shift in Power?

Well, hopefully NOT! As a series of political retirements is being announced on both sides of the Congressional aisle, now is not the time to second guess our last presidential election. Now is the time to loudly proclaim that WE MEANT WHAT WE SAID by that vote and it's results!
What an opportunity this will be! We have a big chance ahead of us, people, and it's about time we sent a clear message to the political panic mongers (insert name of relevant political party here) out there who would have us revert to the 'good ole ways'. We made a big stand in the last national vote. The next step is to now ensure that you vote in your local elections to send reps to Congress who will embrace and champion the change we so desperately need. It is NOT the time to go backwards by electing (insert name of relevant political party here)
deathpaneltwittering, healthcarehampering, pork bellied politicos with too many of their own agendas!
Again, I will beat a favorite phrase into the ground: STOP THE SELF LOATHING, AMERICA! Let's move this ship in the right direction before the Reps totally run it aground! Use your brain and let all those old 'Bushie" memories swathe you in inanity and snap you out of it before YOU all panic and ruin what is trying so desperately to be a good thing for ALL OF US, and not just the 'chosen' few.
To help you in reliving all those 'great' times, here's a few 'snaps' for ya:
!#?$ When did the unemployment rate START it's great plunge?
!#?$ When did everyone START losing their homes and end up on the streets?
!#?$ When did the banks START to fail and take your tax dollars with them? (Hi, Bernie!).
!#?$ How LONG did 'Bushie' keeping reading to those FL students?
!#?$ When did the oil industry STOP suffering from $5 a gallon prices?
!#?$ How long are YOU going to let greedy bastards who don't give a damn about your welfare lead you around by the nose?
And just in case you might think that the opposing party has ANY REDEEMING political values, let me ask you all one final question before I sign off: When did keeping a boy from his dad turn into FAMILY VALUES?
Think long and hard before you cast that next electoral ballot in your upcoming local slugfests. One domino tipped over starts the whole chain. And right now, at this moment in our history, we can either make a difference or all fall down.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sorry, peeps, but I don't know what else you'd call it! When a soldier sacrifices themself, their family, friends and career to keep this country safe, and then the country turns a blind eye, what would you call it? YET AGAIN, a Sunday newszine program highlighted the horrifically poor treatment received by returning service people. That this poor treatment has continued over MULTIPLE DECADES is, sorry to say, a national disgrace!
It's a wonder anyone enlists anymore. It just goes to show how desperate some people are. Whether you bear true patriotism in your heart or not, one thing is perfectly clear: You ARE a true patriot when you are willing to sacrifice your life for little to nothing in return. Why else would reasonable people join and risk a lifetime of health issues the military will just deny you have?
With the government setting the WORST example when it comes to healthcare for the wounded and suffering, why should the rest of us scoff at the big insurers? Maybe it's time for the gov to get it's house in order, starting with the vets, before they start telling everybody else how to run their plans!
And the practice of drilling and grilling returning vets with medical issues needs to stop IMMEDIATELY! Stop hiding behind government red tape and intelligence tactics. THESE PEOPLE SERVED OUR COUNTRY AND DID US PROUD. Why are you making them document their histories in order to get help, while YOU black out memos and hide records?
With the advent of the new healthcare plan, I would like to submit my own 'special interest' project. HOW ABOUT WE TREAT OUR RETURNING SERVICE PERSONNEL AT THE SAME FACILITIES WHERE CONGRESS GETS IT'S MEDICAL CARE? Or better yet, how about if we send ALL ailing politicians to Walter Reed when they get sick? Betcha they'd fix this a.s.a.p., if that were the case!
So, once again, I call on you, Mr. President. I know you are busy now, but this issue JUST CAN"T WAIT ANY LONGER! Please help our proud vets remain proud. I know this is a cause close to your own heart, as you have made clear in the past. The time is now to begin positive initiatives in this area and bring our veterans out of the gutter and back on the pedestals where they belong!