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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Dreaming in California

MERRY CHRISTMAS OR (insert proper holiday title here) whatever festivities you and your loved ones celebrate this winter season!
Here's hoping your holidays were as wonderful as mine! I got to see my son again after a long spell and the reunion was great. Even though he's going through some hard times now, he has managed to put things in perspective, set new goals for himself and move forward with his life. TYG!
My beautiful daughter and handsome son-in-law have just finished celebrating two years of wedded bliss. Their eyes still sparkle and you can hear the tenderness in their voices. It truly is an enchanting story to be a part of. TYG!
And I myself have come to a HUGE crossroads in my life. I have FINALLY decided to throw off ALL the shackles of my past and be the woman I have always thought God put me on this earth to be. I am grabbing the limited talents he has provided and RUNNING to the finish line. Running because I have little time left to waste, I have wasted SO much already! I am ready to put it all ON THE LINE, make a fool of myself and damn the torpedoes!
So everyday, I am rehearsing, writing down song lyrics, practicing my own catalogue and wondering what I should do for wardrobe, hair, etc., that will give me all the advantages I will need TO WIN AMERICA'S GOT TALENT!
No, that's no holiday haha! I've convinced myself and now I spend my time convincing EVERYONE I TALK TO that this AGT season, DIS IS YO MAMA will reign supreme!
How do I know this? For almost forty years now, I have been writing my own songs. In high school, I won a school wide literary competition with a poem it took me 15 minutes to write in class, my very first effort at such a thing. And then it started. Things would just come to me. I would have to stop whatever I was doing and write down lyrics to songs concerning events of my life. And then when it comes to performing said same songs, it gives me chills. Chills that have been incited by very few other events. I have known for a long time that this was what I was born to do.
But as John Lennon liked to say, life had other plans for me. Two great kids with a bumpy road to travel as a single mom. Men who were more interested in having a nursemaid than in having ME. Ups and downs I have no doubt I will at sometime mention in this blog, just not right now.
And through all of life's travails, I have only made things harder on myself by having little self belief. I'm manic-depressive, strike one. I had a pessimistic atmosphere in my upbringing, strike two. I was never lucky enough to find that 'special someone' who cared if I succeeded, strike three. There have been many times I would have liked to count myself out. It was only the thought of my children that kept me here.
But now, at long last, ALL THE PIECES HAVE COME TOGETHER! I'm a big believer in karma and there being a season and time for everything in one's life. In my heart I know that time IS NOW for me and I'm VERY excited by the prospect! Many times I have thought that I have become far too old to realize any of those 'kiddie' dreams. And then AGT came along, and SuBo and Kevin Skinner and something inside said GO FOR IT, GIRL! You still can realize that lifelong dream and make it everything you thought it would be.
So, I've decided to keep you up to date on all the goings on here in Hollywood until January 23rd, the big day of my audition! I already KNOW I'll get a gold ticket. Then it will be off to Las Vegas where I can spend more time with my son during the show's progress which will be sweet!
So, as you can see, I'm in a MUCH BETTER mood than I was at Thanksgiving (see: Things I'm Not Grateful For). And I'm asking for your help and advice to MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN! Leave your thoughts in the comment box below this blog, I would REALLY appreciate it!
And just call me CheBa!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


At least we are making progress somewhere! I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the new airline regulations and the fact that the American (remember, it's just DOMESTIC flights) flyer is no longer susceptible to being held hostage on an airplane!
Having had a somewhat horrible experience myself some years ago on a flight home from Shanghai, I can personally attest to having had that 'hostage' feeling. I had spent 18 hours winging my way home that trip, cranky, tired (I CAN'T sleep in flight) suffering from a worsening bladder infection and a bad case of the nicotine fits. When our bird finally arrived at the Detroit airport at 8:00 a.m. for our final stop before it was home to Chitown, I was relieved to be 'almost' home.
HA! Little did I know that said same Detroit airport had just become a photo-op for then rivaling candidates Al Gore and George Bush. They had arrived in town simultaneously for another political 'fun'draiser and were the perpetrators of the takeover. To what, I soon learned, would be MY great dismay and potential arrest.
We had all disembarked and were somewhat patiently standing in the customs lines, waiting to be herded through, grab our bags and our connect to Chicago. It was then we hit the wall. Stuck. Between that long corridor from the plane to the lines in front of the customs counters. After a while the buzz started through the crowd that the line WASN'T moving BECAUSE THERE WERE NO AGENTS IN ATTENDANCE. Gee, we all said, that's kind of strange, because after all, it's now getting to be 9:00 a.m. and there's STILL no one in sight!
And then an elevator door opened and there were 3 of them, customs agents, that is. Hurray, we all thought, the show's gonna start and maybe we still have time to catch those connects! And then THEY STARTED WALKING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, away from the counters, us and their DUTIES. I was livid!
I ran to catch up with them and ask what the delay was. They explained to me that THE CUSTOMS COUNTER DID NOT OPEN UNTIL 10:00 a.m.. It took everything I had not to laugh in the female agent's face. I didn't know who she was trying to fool, but I had NEVER heard such a thing! Oh wait, I think I have, Pinnochio! Every time there is a flight delay, or they have overbooked your flight, or they've lost your bag, or ANY little thing goes wrong at the airlines, YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE STORIES I'VE BEEN FED. Stories that even a 3 year old sleepy at bedtime wouldn't believe! But I'm sure I don't have to TELL YOU. Not if you're an American who has flown more than once.
So, my irritable brain syndrome took over and I started to verbally spar with the trio, who very apparently could care less as they threatened me with jail and then walked away clutching their steaming javas.
Well, now the excruciating pain from my bad back was joined by a throbbing head. Here we all were, being held hostage in an airport CORRIDOR - no bathrooms, no vendors, no seats. And nothing we could do about it but stand there and take it.
Well, I wasn't going to, G damn it! So I finally found a friendly airport worker who allowed me to at least sneak out for a smoke during what turned out to be a two and a half hour wait on the customs people.
You can just imagine for yourself what my lividity turned into when I hit that stinky outside terminal air to pollute my lungs even more with a cig, AND FINALLY FOUND OUT WHAT WAS CAUSING THE LONG WAIT. The airport was on lockdown because of Gore and Bush AND THE CUSTOMS AGENTS were busy joining in on that photo-op! How politically correct! NOT!
So, of course, I couldn't wait to race back and tell the rest of the orchestral entourage THE REAL REASON we were being treated like refugees bound for Auschwitz instead of weary travelers heading home.
But I could regale you with similar stories of the 'sterling' reputations of airlines I have flown for hours. I would just like to say here that it is about time that flyers took back their civil rights and stopped agreeing to being treated like cattle or worse. This week's regulations were a GIANT step in the right flight path.
Now maybe we could get even luckier and have ALL flight training provided by Cap'n Ches. He could teach his fellow employees a thing or two, I'm sure!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Sorry this is out a little late, but I wanted to watch the Evening News with Katie to make sure I was up-to-date on the latest goings on in the Senate regarding the Health Care vote.
Sooo, it still looks like they MIGHT JUST PASS THIS PUPPY! And that's what it's become, a mere whelp for now because of the Republican CRY BABIES (insert word for female dog here) who should form a group or something so they can console one another!
And it is NOT without certain DEMOCRATS out on the floor who took advantage of the stalemates to make sure they padded their own pastures. However, as was stated by a pundit on same said Evening News, most of the Democratic initiatives included with the re-re-re-revamped Health Care Bill ARE for worthy constituent causes and NOT BRIDGES TO NOWHERE! Here, I'll give a shout out and ATTA GIRL to Sarah for winning that award thingy for the whole 'death panel' Twitter that helped fuel the stagNATION!
So to get to my point tonight: IT IS TIME TO REFORM 'REFORM'. Why does a nation of intelligent, advanced, wealthy people take so long and fight so bitterly to advance legislation for the COMMON GOOD? I'LL TELL YOU WHY: Because there's a BUNCH OF GREEDY BASTARDS OUT THERE UNWILLING TO SHARE THE PIE! There, I said it!
It's time for us to STOP the legislative tactics of the past and expose new bills and laws being passed to the light of day. NO MORE: smoke and mirrors, back room deals, pork barrel projects, SPECIAL INTERESTS, etc., etc.. It is in EVERYONE'S interest that REVAMPING the way Congress works should BE A PRIORITY for this President. I'm sure the quagmire of this ordeal has taught him that!
Listen people, in a few days we turn the calendar to 2010. With all the advances we have made in this country, NO ONE PRESIDENT has had the courage or support to tackle this enormous task. Yet I think the time and opportunity have arrived.
So I ask you, Mr. President, as a loyal member of O.F.A. since VERY early on [(when my friends who were NOT from Illinois were laughing at me and laying odds)(wish I'd placed THAT bet with the L.V. SportsBook!)] it's looks like very soon you will achieve what people swore couldn't be done! Now, take the next step for this nation and REFORM Congress and the way it does business!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I hate to say this, but as much as I enjoyed Brittany on the screen, her body of work and her comedic timing and wit, my first thought when I heard the news flash only minutes ago was: oh, no! NOT AGAIN!
What a waste! Another young Hollywood actress with everything to live for is with us no more. But we didn't even know her personally, and we feel the sense of uneccessary loss. You can only imagine how her family is feeling at this moment.
I have read and heard that it is an innner lack of self-esteem and security that drives people to the spotlight. They try to compensate for things lacking in childhood by seeking attention as adults. The fact that a great majority of these people are also HUGELY TALENTED leaves one to ponder the connections between nature and nurture.
That they get swallowed whole by the Hollywood machine is a known fact. If you're producing box office biggies and bringing those billions in, you're 'queen of the world'! The minute People stops putting your mug on it's cover, the phone stops ring-toning.
That we all get caught up in the spectacle of Hollywood's machine is the media's doing. Instead of forefronting people whose lives enrich us all, they glorify those who are clueless! We see it everyday on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and now, the internet. How pathetic we've become!
Instead of spending our sheckles on things that count, like schools and education, we put our money down for RUMOR RAGS like The National Enquirer and such. SNAP OUT OF IT, PEOPLE! WHEN YOU STOP READING THIS GARBAGE, THEY'LL STOP PRINTING IT!
Move on to bigger and better things! Celebrity watching does not ENHANCE your lives in any way! And most of these peeps just want their privacy, like you and I. Stop reading so the pappz will stop jumping out of bushes and scaring Angie's kids! Would you want sh*t like that happening to YOUR child? I think not.
My own personal theory is that it's just another right wing atempt to control the direction of this country. Big Brother updated. Survival of this trend relies on the profit it generates - if You don't spend the bucks, THEY go out of business, it's as simple as that!
So, let's get back to today's topic: Brittany's untimely passing. I enjoyed your movies. I sympathized with your personal struggles. I shared your joy when you overcame them. And now I am very sad for your loss. I extend my sympathies to your family and the Holywood community that I live in and love. Now, let's ALL learn a lesson from this, yet again: PEOPLE - spend less time reading rumor rags and more time loving your children.
Lest they grow up and become 'Brittanys' too!
R.I.P., funny lady!