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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Joe, It's Time to Retire!

It is always so painful to watch a stellar career implode. As in Tiger's case, Joe Lieberman is now on the verge of taking a lifetime of achievement straight down the crapper! It is never pretty when a respected statesman refuses to acknowledge it is time to step down.
Whether you agreed with Joe's politics or not, there was always an elder statesman respect for Joe out there on the MANY campaign trails he's traveled. But in these last several years, it has been very hard for anyone to discern EXACTLY what Joe's politics are nowadays! Democrat, Independent, maybe I'll turn Republican? Joe - make up your mind, dear! The dividing lines are pretty clearly etched in today's political circles. And lately, though I personally find this hard to believe, you have amassed a BIGGER flip flop collection than my own daughter!
So, as someone who has followed your prodigious walk down the Congressional hallways, I urge you now to step aside and let the youngbloods take over; for your sake, for Connecticut's sake and for the country's sake as well! Quit while there's still an ounce of respect for you out there and before you become the laughing stock of the nation. Today's political atmosphere is charged enough already without you throwing sparks off that walker!
Because pretty soon, Joe, people are going to stop listening. The nation's ear and respect are given to those with innovative ideals and fresh minds. Over and over again, you have shown that your walker is leading you where you think it will do you the most good for another presidential run. REALITY CHECK, Joe, that's not going to happen! Save yourself and your donors the money!
You are setting yourself up for a FALL into retirement. Instead of the lecture circuit and Palm Springs, you're going to be looking at Alzheimer's medication and rest homes! Joe, you've worked too hard all your life to end up with egg on your face and a bib around your neck. Do us all a favor and bow out gracefully. While you still can.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

RNC Chairman Michael Steele, I Salute You!

For being a REAL Republican and, unlike the rest of the Stepford clan you head, admitting that you ARE human, that your party has some affairs to get in order and you're not beyond hawking books! Bravo, for coming out of that huge walk-in you hang those Italian suits in and daring to butt heads with the old guard elephants!
Wellll! Maybe that huge sledgehammer called public sentiment has finally registered with the 'rogues'? Dare we, the public, and the Republican party itself, hope to see a future filled with creative dialogue and advancement instead of filabusters and stalemates? Or is it too soon to send flowers?
Of course, the old ones are trying to shut you up as quickly and quietly as possible. Old habits die hard, so they say. But if I WERE a Republican, you'd get my vote, sir. For finally offering the other side of the conservative coin a reasonable and resonant voice. Welcome back from Cairo, and good luck with that!
I for one, welcome a new form of dialogue with you 'Reddies'. So far, I have done everything in my Democratic power to ruffle your feathers and have heard nary a peep! Maybe now, if you could stop stoning Michael long enough, you can take the time to post some intelligent responses and we can take the gloves off AND GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.
As with everything else, I'm a big advocate of taking POLITICS out of the closet. Shine some light of day on it, and if it can't stand the scrutiny and turns to dust, maybe you can start a new Twilight series! Again, stating the obvious, it's 2010 peeps! When are we going to learn that bad parties like bad politics eventually die a horrible death?
So to all you loyal 'elephants' out there: Stop beating that dead horse before it rises up one last time and kicks you in the teeth!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Shift in Power?

Well, hopefully NOT! As a series of political retirements is being announced on both sides of the Congressional aisle, now is not the time to second guess our last presidential election. Now is the time to loudly proclaim that WE MEANT WHAT WE SAID by that vote and it's results!
What an opportunity this will be! We have a big chance ahead of us, people, and it's about time we sent a clear message to the political panic mongers (insert name of relevant political party here) out there who would have us revert to the 'good ole ways'. We made a big stand in the last national vote. The next step is to now ensure that you vote in your local elections to send reps to Congress who will embrace and champion the change we so desperately need. It is NOT the time to go backwards by electing (insert name of relevant political party here)
deathpaneltwittering, healthcarehampering, pork bellied politicos with too many of their own agendas!
Again, I will beat a favorite phrase into the ground: STOP THE SELF LOATHING, AMERICA! Let's move this ship in the right direction before the Reps totally run it aground! Use your brain and let all those old 'Bushie" memories swathe you in inanity and snap you out of it before YOU all panic and ruin what is trying so desperately to be a good thing for ALL OF US, and not just the 'chosen' few.
To help you in reliving all those 'great' times, here's a few 'snaps' for ya:
!#?$ When did the unemployment rate START it's great plunge?
!#?$ When did everyone START losing their homes and end up on the streets?
!#?$ When did the banks START to fail and take your tax dollars with them? (Hi, Bernie!).
!#?$ How LONG did 'Bushie' keeping reading to those FL students?
!#?$ When did the oil industry STOP suffering from $5 a gallon prices?
!#?$ How long are YOU going to let greedy bastards who don't give a damn about your welfare lead you around by the nose?
And just in case you might think that the opposing party has ANY REDEEMING political values, let me ask you all one final question before I sign off: When did keeping a boy from his dad turn into FAMILY VALUES?
Think long and hard before you cast that next electoral ballot in your upcoming local slugfests. One domino tipped over starts the whole chain. And right now, at this moment in our history, we can either make a difference or all fall down.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sorry, peeps, but I don't know what else you'd call it! When a soldier sacrifices themself, their family, friends and career to keep this country safe, and then the country turns a blind eye, what would you call it? YET AGAIN, a Sunday newszine program highlighted the horrifically poor treatment received by returning service people. That this poor treatment has continued over MULTIPLE DECADES is, sorry to say, a national disgrace!
It's a wonder anyone enlists anymore. It just goes to show how desperate some people are. Whether you bear true patriotism in your heart or not, one thing is perfectly clear: You ARE a true patriot when you are willing to sacrifice your life for little to nothing in return. Why else would reasonable people join and risk a lifetime of health issues the military will just deny you have?
With the government setting the WORST example when it comes to healthcare for the wounded and suffering, why should the rest of us scoff at the big insurers? Maybe it's time for the gov to get it's house in order, starting with the vets, before they start telling everybody else how to run their plans!
And the practice of drilling and grilling returning vets with medical issues needs to stop IMMEDIATELY! Stop hiding behind government red tape and intelligence tactics. THESE PEOPLE SERVED OUR COUNTRY AND DID US PROUD. Why are you making them document their histories in order to get help, while YOU black out memos and hide records?
With the advent of the new healthcare plan, I would like to submit my own 'special interest' project. HOW ABOUT WE TREAT OUR RETURNING SERVICE PERSONNEL AT THE SAME FACILITIES WHERE CONGRESS GETS IT'S MEDICAL CARE? Or better yet, how about if we send ALL ailing politicians to Walter Reed when they get sick? Betcha they'd fix this a.s.a.p., if that were the case!
So, once again, I call on you, Mr. President. I know you are busy now, but this issue JUST CAN"T WAIT ANY LONGER! Please help our proud vets remain proud. I know this is a cause close to your own heart, as you have made clear in the past. The time is now to begin positive initiatives in this area and bring our veterans out of the gutter and back on the pedestals where they belong!